Community House Eton Rd

 New Developments at Community House

Community House, Eton Road is an independent company limited by guarantee. An application to the Charity Commissioners is underway.

The founding Trustees of Community House Eton Road have adopted charitable objects that will guide the provision of a wide range of educational, developmental, health and recreational services for Maindee. The objects can only be achieved through a proactive, engaged and responsive relationship with the people of Maindee and neighbouring communities of Newport. The services and the benefits that follow from them will be made available to residents without distinction of gender, sexual orientation, race, political, religious or other opinions. A copy of the objects accompanies this statement.

Community House is a social enterprise which raises money from activities and from renting office and recreational space. It currently receives no grant in aid to cover core administrative and management costs. The founding Trustees are actively pursuing funding from a range of donors.

Origins, Values and Direction

Community House was established in 1969 by the Maindee congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Wales. For the past 40 years Community House has worked to build up caring community in the neighbourhood.  Its work, and the ethos which underpins it, are widely respected and valued.  The building is rarely empty. It is home to a wide range of groups and activities which reflect the social, demographic, religious and racial diversity of the area.

The charity has been established by a Steering Group which became the founding Trustees of the registered company. Community House, Eton Road is managerially independent of the Church which founded it. Legal separation will be achieved shortly when charitable status is recognised by the Charity Commission and when the Trustees have signed a long term lease on the building.

The Trustees have worked to clarify the values of Community House and are currently finalising a values statement. It will confirm the organisation’s commitment to building caring, compassionate, responsible community by listening to and valuing people, supporting them to better achieve their potential. It will respect, reflect and celebrate diversity of opinion, faith, gender and age. It is committed to peace making, and will neither evangelise nor proselytise on behalf of any faith.  

It should be clear from the objects and the values that while the past is respected, acknowledged and built upon, Community House has embarked on a new direction. The journey will result in the organisation becoming more developmental and more closely engaged with, and representative of, the local community.

Community House is not, currently, a membership organisation. At this very early stage in the transition, membership could add complexities which might deflect from other priorities. However, the desirability of open, democratic membership will be re-visited when the charity has established its management structures and its activities. At present the organisation’s priorities are to manage the transition to:

  • Secure a stable and long term future for Community House;
  • Secure existing, and develop new, activities at Eton Road;
  • Engage additional Trustees who share its values, can contribute to its development and reflect local diversity;
  • Secure funding to develop management and leadership capacity and enhance services.

Relationships with Stakeholders

The founding Trustees recognise the value of partnerships with a wide range of organisations which can contribute to the achievement of its objectives. A meeting was held late last year with many local stakeholders to explore future directions and accommodate expectations. Among those stakeholders the role and influence of the Council will, inevitably, be very important.  

Community House Trustees welcome new partnerships with stakeholders that share common objectives and values and seek similar outcomes for people in Maindee. They will commit to existing partners that meet these criteria and work to establish new relationships with organisations that are prepared to work collaboratively and openly. Within partnerships based on trust and mutual respect they will share emerging plans and contract to deliver on performance and outcomes. 

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