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Newport InterFaith Group

Our Aims

We are part of the InterFaith Network for the UK. The aims of the Group are to promote the understanding of religions and to realise at their heart, all religions are one; to help us live more spiritual lives and to care for one another, whatever our status, colour or wealth.

About the Group

The Group was founded in the 1980s and presently has members from the Jewish, Hindu, Islamic and Christian faiths. All faiths are welcome along with agnostics and those interested in exploring various faiths. Meetings are open to anyone wishing to attend.


We meet for discussions and dialogue on religious and social topics; we have shared meals; we go to multi-cultural events and support Newport One World Week.



One world Week - 2009

There will be a One World Week Event  'Hungry for ONe World

It will take place at Community House from 2:30 - 5pm on 24th October 2009

There will be international food and each faith group represented in Newport Interfaith will take a topic such as Justice, Peace, Harvest and provide a talk/display eetc.  on the theme.

We would love to see you there - come and be part of our inter faith community.

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