Community House Eton Rd

A Delightful Hour in our Peace Garden

On the morning of July 2nd the usual willing volunteers at community House were getting ready to welcome the Maindee Festival VIPs as usual.  Some, like Lyne and Sam had even been there to make breakfast - at 7am - for the Maindee festival team.

It was a beautiful morning so the Peace Garden came into its own and we were able to spend most of the hour or so before the procession arrived admiring our SuperDragon in the garden.  Sue and Claire worked hard displaying the many 'hands of friendship' which had been produced by users of Community House.  This was the task that everyone had been given ready for the Peace Event, the anniversary of the Peace Garden opening, which was to be held a week later.   They looked really good hanging from the new pergola.


We enjoyed our time with new and old friends.  The Mayor, Councillor Bill Langsford and Mayoress, Sue Langsford were delightful company and very interested to hear about the work that goes on at Community House.

Lots of photographs were taken and the dragon was definitely the best looking, although Pavel gave her a run for her money!

 Everyone really enjoyed the wonderful procession which stopped for a rest outside Community House while we supplied drinks of water for the thirsty marchers.  It was 'all hands on deck' for a while.The mayor shook hands and did high fives with many of the kids in the procession.  They were delighted!

When the procession was ready the VIPs joined in and walked with them to Maindee School for a wonderful afternoon of community participation.

Can anywhere else in Wales top this marvellous event, where people from so many all cultures come together to celebrate being community?  I doubt it!




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