Community House Eton Rd

Commissioning of Marilyn Priday as Inter Faith Development Worker 2nd December 2008

About sixty people turned up for this event, which marks a new beginning for Community House. The MP, for Newport East, Jessica Morden, was present, as were members of the local police force. There were people of other religions and none, joining in our Christian service, committing us all to work together on developing inter faith dialogue and understanding in Maindee, Newport and the world. The atmosphere was certainly one of support and encouragement for us all.

The church Core Group all took part individually in the service, which was devised by Valerie Martin. Valerie did the welcome and held the service together, with Susan Lewis, Peter Martin, Marilyn Priday, Brian Selby reading from the Bible or prayers for inter faith. Sandra talked to us about the Advent Wreath, lighting the first candle for the prophets. Our Advent Wreath, always beautifully made by Sandra, was enhanced this year with some beautiful symbols from Ronald Prosser’s, Health Help International charity.

Dafydd Andrew Jones, Head of The Life and Witness Board, of the Presbyterian Church of Wales, conducted the commissioning service.

We had tea, coffee and mince pies, beautifully served by Mike and Allison, Benjamin, Joshua and Jordan Ali.

Joyce Dixie’s Flower arrangements were wonderful, as ever, and she also accompanied the hymns on the organ, adding so much to the beauty of the service.

The conversation in the coffee bar, after the service was warm and enthusiastic and many people signed our book with word of prayer and encouragement. This book will be a splendid memento of the occasion, to go with the photographs taken by Rhys Webber.


One inter faith, inter-generation, Christmas event that was very successful, involved youngsters from Sure Start and their mums, joining TLC, The Tuesday Lunch Club, for a party and sing-song. They sang together such songs as 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star', shared party food and gave their mums a Christmas cracker each.  Everyone had a lovely time. 


Visit to the Gurdwara - Sunday 20th January 2008 

Instead of our usual worship at Community House, we travelled to Cardiff to join our Sikh friends at the Pearl St Gurdwara, Roath, Cardiff.  We were greeted with real warmth and friendship, making this a very happy occasion.  We joined the service late (not having anticipated road works on the M4).

After taking off our shoes and covering our heads we went upstairs to where the service was taking place.  We bowed to the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of the Sikhs, then sat on the carpeted floor to join the service.

Sikhs show great respect for the Guru Granth Sahib, treating it as they would treat a very important person, because they use it to tell them about God and to guide them throughout their lives.

We might not have been able to sing along with the prayers and the hymns but we could understand them because the words in Punjabi and English being projected from a laptop onto the wall.  We were in no doubt that, even if we used different words to express ourselves, our spiritual ideas have a lot in common. 

Music is important in Sikh worship and the singing was accompanied by musicians on harmonium and tabla.

We felt especially privileged to be present when a mother and father brought their baby to the Guru Granth Sahib at the end of the service.  This is a Sikh custom.  The parents were then given the cloth covering of the scriptures for the baby.

After the service we were invited to join our friends for langar.  This is very important in Sikhism. It shows that everyone is equal as everyone eats together. People, both Sikhs and non-Sikhs are always welcomed into the langar and are offered food and drink free of charge. 

Our friend, Neeta Baitcher JP, will be visiting us at Community House to follow up the visit with more information on the Sikh faith.  We loook forward to this.  Anyone will be welcome to attend and the date and time will be posted on this website.


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