Community House Eton Rd

EDGE (Youth)

Who are we targeting?

  • We are targeting girls from B.M.E. ages 11 – 25 yrs.
  • All B.M.E. girls are welcome at the club girls who access education via school, college or who are working.
  • Girls who do not have access any outside provision through home visits via Asian youth worker.

What is the Project?

  • The project provides positive learning experiences for Asian girls between the ages 11 - 25.
  • Aims to encourage Asian girls to access social and Leisure educational activities.
  • The provision provides with projects such as art workshops and issue based discussions which provide girls with an opportunity to express their views and opinions.
  • The girls are given opportunity to take part in outside activities e.g. residential, visit to Welsh Assembly, Asian festivals at Swindon and Birmingham.

What are we trying to achieve?

  • In  E.D.G.E. we are trying to achieve an atmosphere that celebrates cultural diversity and religion and where the girls feel respected, valued and listened to.
  • The girls feel safe and welcomed at the club. Also have chance to have fun and take part in recreational activities and socialise with peer group.
  • To feel part of community taking part in community events e.g. Maindee festival, visit of Zimbabwe group to club.
  • Have an opportunity to express themselves work together through creative opportunities e.g. dance, fashion, trips to cultural event.


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