Community House Eton Rd

Welcome to Dostana

The Dostana, Asian Men's group for the over 50 years olds was established in June 2005. Before establishing this group there was no place where Asian men could meet and socialise with others having common interests/age group in non religious/secular settings. As a substantial number of men of Asian origin over the age of 55 years are economically inactive they had a lot of time on their hands but no activities. Moreover the number of people reaching retirement age is also increasing.

The establishment of the group has provided a much needed facility where men could come, socialise and air their feelings in a non judgemental atmosphere. The group activities are planned in consultation with the group members. Some of the activities organised in the last year include the following:

  • Sessions of screening for blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Oral Hygiene
  • Aerobic sessions with trainers - these sessions were very popular among the members
  • Sessions on complimetary therapies, including Reflexology, head massage, ear acupuncture and acupressure
  • Day trips
  • Facilities for playing cards and carrum board are also available for those who are interested
  • Talks on relationships and anger management

Although the group was initially set up for men of Asian origin but anyone from BME community is welcome to join the group.

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