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Community Development

Hello my name is Lana Pearce, I am the Community Development Worker for Maindee. I am based at the Community Development Office in Essex Street, Maindee, Newport, my job is a varied one but this is just a little of how I can help you!

What is Community Development?

  • Working hand in hand with local communities.
  • To empower individuals and local groups to take ownership of their community.
  • To help develop ideas to improve the local community.
  • To provide day to day support.
  • To act as a liaison and link body for groups in the community to utilise service providers such as the local authority.
  • To promote partnership work between a variety of agencies to allow communities to be involved and aware of decisions.
  • To help to resolve / limit social exclusion.
  • To encourage communities to identify needs present in their community.
  • To establish true partnerships to incorporate the whole community.

How can Community Development help you?

  • The Development Worker in each area is aware of the needs of the local community. 
  • There are many issues in each community which differ from the next. Projects that work in one community may not necessarily work in another. To liaise with the development worker will allow an identified need in a community to potentially be fulfilled.
  • Working in partnership with LA departments and other agencies is essential to allow work to develop.
  • To allow the grassroots knowledge of communities to filter through to officers to achieve the most effective working relationship.
  • To help improve the council services in providing provision for the local community.
  • To act as a catalyst for community regeneration.
  • Community consultation is fundamental when developing new projects.
  • To raise awareness in communities of available resources e.g. informal adult learning classes.

So please if you need help with your group, want to start up something new, need funding for your projects or just advice please do not hesitate to contact me on 07866 540 386 or 01633 246010 or e-mail me on  Look forward to hearing from you soon!

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