Community House Eton Rd Presbyterian Church of Wales

Community House Presbyterian Church of Wales


Community House Presbyterian Church is here to worship God:

God in all his splendour and majesty
God in all her wisdom and gentleness
God who is love and loves us
And has taught us how to love

We commit ourselves to do this through service to the community and challenging injustice to bring peace and reconciliation. We believe this is what it means to be God’s people.

Community House, as we know it today, is the result of a calamity. The original church building that stood on the same site was slowly sinking into the ground. The tower at the Corporation Road end was becoming detached from the rest of the building and the whole structure was declared unsafe.

Through prayer, consultation with members, neighbours and other interested parties, a vision was conceived of building ‘a church for others’. So, in the early 1960s with the help of many volunteers, the old building was demolished and a new one began to take shape. I remember clearly the shout to “come and watch” as the huge demolition ball swung into the wall and down it came with a thundering crash – exciting stuff!

Volunteers from churches all around the world came together to form a work camp which for a month in August 1962 cleaned bricks, demolished walls, saved wood and worshipped and had great fun together. The workcampers did much of the dirty work of preparing the ground for the new construction.

During this time the church members met in house groups and were welcomed to worship in a neighbouring church. Much discussion, Bible study, prayer and anxiety were shared as to how we should rebuild.

The present building is now in its third or fourth transformation. However, the fundamental belief has been present throughout the last forty years - the belief that God called and continues to call the Christian church to reach out to all people.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is to love God and our neighbour, and the building was designed to enable that to take place. Firmly based in the belief that God created and loves all people, the members of the Christian church at Community House have dedicated themselves and the building to serve the community of Maindee and Newport.

Supported and challenged through innovative worship, with a shared ministry, the members of the church have offered a place of welcome, security and hope through challenging times for many people.

Although the congregation is now very small, it continues to manage the building and all the activities and groups who use it. It still continues to discover and discern God’s will for themselves and the people of the area.

We have always had a policy of openness and respect for other people’s beliefs and opinions, but have maintained our integrity and commitment to God and the love he shows us and shares with us through Jesus Christ. We believe God first loved us and through this love we are able to love others. We share his blessings with all those who meet in Community House – we hope you will accept this invitation to share with us.

Prayer Leaflet

You can download our current prayer leaflet here.


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The Presbyterian Church of Wales to which Community House belongs (Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru)

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