Community House Eton Rd

Dads'R'Us, who meet in Community House with their children on Saturday mornings, always put on a pantomime, followed by a Party.

This year, Marilyn, persuaded them to join forces with other groups who meet at Community House, to include children of refugees and assylum seekers in their plans.  They didn't take much persuading.

The dads went ahead, writing and preparing their pantomime, while the Newport and District Refugee Support Group were consulted and asked for help contacting the refugees.

Coffee and Laughs, the women's group, which meets on Thursday afternoons for friendship and English conversation brought in lots of toys to give to the children.  Some of the Muslim ladies who belong to the group also planned to bring  food for the party.

TLC, the lunch group for senior citizens, which meets on Tuesdays also donated a lot of presents.

As you can imagine, packing scores of presents took a long time, but we are lucky to have such willing helpers, who attend CH and volunteer for all sorts of community work.

On the day the pantomime was up to the usual high standards.  At least 40 children had a lovely time, singing Christmas songs, receiving presents and selections boxes from Santa and dancing.

A group of women volunteers, worked hard getting the food ready.  The Muslim ladies contributions to the table were most appreciated.  Our own Pavlina  from CASIW had baked one of her wonderful cakes and quite a lot of the food was donated by Newport Community Development funds, thanks to Lana Pearce, Maindee Community development Worker in Maindee. 

Lana Pearce (Community Development, Danilo Padhila (NCC Family Support and Molly Williams (Police Diversity Officer) were with us.  We really appreciate the help that we always get from them.

The children had a lovely time and those who did not attend had a bag of presents delivered to open on Christmas Day.

The event brought lots of people from different faiths and backgrounds together, working for a better life for some of the most disadvantaged in our community.

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