Community House Eton Rd

Big Sing Advent 2009


A community came together last night to raise voices and money in support of Christian Aid and Muslim Aid, in what organisers think might be the first such joint event in Newport. “The Big Sing” was fantastically well attended by the many different groups who regularly use Community House in Eton Road. The song list reflected the diverse background of the singers and ranged from Jingle Bells, and Slade, through traditional carols to Islamic songs of praise. Enthusiastic and respectful singers joined in where they could and the whole evening was a tribute to the will for friendship and peace among the residents of Maindee and Corporation Road. Interfaith Community Worker, Marilyn
Priday expressed gratitude to everyone involved and praised the singing from the youngest at 3 to the most senior at 93.

Laura Bradshaw, leader of the Harmony in Mind lead the workshop and Rhys Webber accompanied the singing on the piano. Other people brought guitars, a mouth organ and many joined in using percussion instruments.  Many people, of all ages, performed for us and it was a real Interfaith event.  A few groups of Muslim women sang Nasheeds.

Angura's girls group, Maindee Active Girls were keen to show off their talents.  They are always ready to perform and the confidence with which they do so is a tribute to themselves and to their group leaders.

Harmony in Mind performed for us, showing that their choir is making excellent progress thanks to Laura's training.

Following our enjoyable community singing we repeated it on Shrove Tuesday.  After eating our pancakes we had a sing-song again with Laura conducting.  The first idea was to sing Peace and Protest songs but we ended up with all sorts, with many contributions to entertain us.  It was a joyful evening with some new voices to add to our singing and some lovely poetry by a member of Newport Mind reciting his own work.

Thanks are due to Laura for her hard work and also to 'Harmony in Mind' for their enthusiasm.



Look out for more singing in Community House.  It seems a shame not to enjoy the fact that we have our very own choir in Harmony in Mind!


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