Community House Eton Rd


‘A Celebration of Diversity’ at Community House Eton Rd

Saturday 11th July marked the fifth anniversary of the opening of the Community House Peace Garden. The occasion was used to celebrate the diversity to be found in Community House, in Maindee and in Newport.  

It was a wonderful event with entertainment by the stunning Grassroots Zimbabwean Theatre Group, who kept us entranced with their singing, drumming and dancing.  The children had a great time joining in the drumming and the rest of us singing African songs.

People were invited to join in the dancing and The Right Worshipful, the Mayor, Councillor Bill Langsford and the Mayoress, Sue Langsford joined in and really showed us how to do it! 




We enjoyed looking at our wonderful superdragon, showing ‘hands of friendship’ across cultures and faiths.  This was mostly done with hands decorated with Mendhi patterns, used by Asian women to decorate themselves for celebrations. Some of the decoration showed Celtic, Chinese and African art, all symbolic of peace and friendship.  The women who painted the dragon, under the leadership of Marion Leilani Webber, a Newport artist, are to be congratulated on working together to produce such a stunning dragon.  

 For quite a few weeks the many users of Community House had been encouraged to draw hands with patterns or words sharing messages of peace and so we had other lovely decorations to accompany our dragon.  We also had some interfaith art work, produced by young people, during the run up to Maindee Festival, in a project lead by Anna Ozemaya, another talented Newport artist.

There were photographs to see, old friends to talk to and new friends to make over refreshments.  There were Peace Mala beads to make, reminding us the ‘everyone deserves respect’ and Traidcraft fair trade goods to buy.

A collection towards sending Adam Ahmed to Austria for treatment for treatment for Gastroesophageal reflux disease raised £50.

The event closed with those who were interested saying prayers for all the major world faiths in the chapel and remembering the Golden Rule, which is common to all faiths and is 'to treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves'.  

Thanks are due to Newport 2010 Events and Activities Grant Scheme for generous help with funding, especially for the new sound system, which will now be available for any community event in Community House.  We are also grateful that they paid for our Peace Mala kits.  Peace Mala is very important to Community House, incorporating so many of the principles make up our ethos .


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