Why does it exist?

Community House is a Christian centre where people of all faiths and cultures are welcome. It is dedicated to encouraging caring both in individuals and communities and to developing peace, reconciliation and renewal.

It believes in, and tries to demonstrate, the power of love and truth to:

Loving others, embracing inconvenience and welcoming strangers run counter to the values of the consumer culture of today’s world.

Rather than conforming to the status quo, Community House chooses to engage with the world to bring about transformation. We believe that overt theological differences between religions need not be a threat but rather a potential source of enrichment.

What is It?

A community centre based around, and run by, the local Presbyterian Church.

The building is a modern one erected to replace thetraditional chapel, which was demolished due to failing foundations.

The “House” consists of a coffee lounge, kitchen, small hall with raised platform, chapel and other rooms for meetings and activities.

There is also a ‘Community Peace Garden’ which was opened in July 2005 to be a focus, encouraging individuals and groups to build peace- making into their activities.