User's responsibilities 2012

UP TO DATE CONTACTS - Each group leader should complete and return the contact forms.

PIGEON HOLES - Have moved to outside the disabled toilets

PHOTOCOPIER  - Is now in Community House admin office.  Costs on notice on photocopier.  Please see Yvonne Sherlock if any queries.

COMMUNICATION - See Pavlina or leave a message on the upstairs answer phone on 01633 265486 both are checked daily.

NOTICE BOARDS - Please can all users hand all leaflets / notices to Yvonne Sherlock and they will display as necessary.

EMERGENCY PHONE - All groups are asked to ensure they have constant access to a mobile phone for emergencies and other calls as there is no public phone.

COMMUNAL FACILITIES - Please take care to leave everything as you would wish to find it. Please make sure all dishes & cutlery are washed and put away. The cleaner only comes in once a day and there may well be another group using the same room after you.

SMOKING AREAS - The whole building and garden are a NO SMOKING ZONE.

FOOD - Food may only be taken in the coffee lounge and garden area, unless exceptional arrangements have been made in advance. We are now a FAIR TRADE building so only FAIR TRADE tea and coffee should be used in Community House.

CHILD CARE - Groups that look after children must ALWAYS have at least one qualified adult and a helper on duty; all must be POLICE CHECKED.

FRONT DOOR - The front door is now a fire door.  You will have to use your key to get in but should not lock the door from the inside. Be cautious of STRANGERS. No exit doors may be left unlocked and unattended.

ON LEAVING - Check if you are the last to leave! If so, check throughout the building for SECURITY windows, fire doors, toilet cupboards etc... SWITCH OFF the heating and the hot drinking water boiler in the kitchen and set the ALARM!

KEYS - To rooms and cupboards must be RETURNED to the key box after use. Devise a system for yourself so you don't forget when locking the room door. Keys may only be used for entry to the building at times agreed in advance.

STOP TAPS - For water in the METER CUPBOARD, which is outside the building, to the right of the hall (key in the key box). The gas tap is in the LADIES TOILETS.

FIRE DRILLS - Are to be held by each group at least once when the TERM starts. Check you understand the ALARM and the FIRE doors.

If you have any problems or queries please do not hesitate to contact Yvonne Sherlock on 01633 265486.

Mrs Sherlock's hours of work are:
Monday from 9.30am - 2.30pm,     Tuesday from 12:00 - 6:00pm
Wednesday & Thursday from 8:30 - 12:30                                                          

If you have any urgent matters that arise and Yvonne is not available, then please contact Mrs Ingrid Wilson on 01633 267367


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